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06/15/2016 by Amy Haney

"Great service. Set up well for large animals! Fast and efficient."

05/28/2016 by Mary Ivins

"Took my 10 yr old lab mix there today for the first time because he is very sick. Love the staff. Handled him extremely well."

05/02/2016 by Mindy Mulligan

"Just want to thank doctor George and the girls up front for being so sweet and helpful... we are trying to save. A horse and she had terrible teeth. And they got us in rite away!!! Then my horse experiencing choke and calls rite back with helpful advice!!! Ty so much for being so prompt and there for poor Breezy!!!"

04/16/2016 by Amy Galloway

"My cat Salem had gotten bit and it became infected. They were able to get her in the next day. The staff was friendly and the vet did not just tell us what she thought right away. She kept Salem and put her under si she could thoroughly exam Salem without Salem biting her. Salem is mending and trying to get back outside again. Thank you to the staff at Greenhaven for taking such good care of my baby girl."

03/27/2016 by Dora Inselmann

"Thank all of you at Greenhaven !!! for taking care of my little baby cat Rocky !! He is like family to us !!!and we would not take him nowhere else !!! but to Greenhaven for his care !!!!! You all are awesome!!!"

03/07/2016 by Ashley D

"Greenhaven Animal Clinic is amazing. They take wonderful care of your animals. In fact, they treat them as if they were their own. My cat was recently sick and Greenhaven Animal Clinic got us right it to be checked out. When my cat had to stay over, they called me twice that evening to give me an update about him and they called me the next morning. Those phone calls really meant a lot to me since my cat is like a part of my family. Even after I had brought my cat home, Greenhaven Animal Clinic called to check up on him. Greenhaven Animal Clinic has a great staff and they really take great care of your pets."

01/31/2016 by Carol Mae

"Great caring staff! Couldn't ask for any better care for my pets. Ari has recovered from surgery earlier last week. No problems. She was comfortable and never appeared in pain or distress"

12/14/2015 by Judi Graff

"Always great to work with the Greenhaven team."

07/06/2015 by Kalyn Miller

"I love this clinic! We rescued a pit bull who was in pretty bad condition. We took her to another vet to get her check out. I didn't agree with their practices and some of the medicine they said had no side effects for our Mocha made her sick. We went straight to Green Haven and they talked to me about what was happening and why the medicine made her sick. They are wonderful with the animals and they helped our Mocha. Recommend to anyone near the area!"

05/01/2015 by PaxsGma Blane

"I cannot say enough good things about Greenhaven Animal Clinic. About a year ago, our Abby (black lab) had a stroke in the middle of the night, and she was not going to get well. So early the next morning Dr. Jeff and Kaitlyn (sp) came to our house and put her to sleep so she wouldn't be in any more pain. Then later that month we received a plaque with Abby's footprint and her name printed on it. They are very compassionate and caring people."

04/08/2014 by Kim Bennett

"took great care of my horses on a farm visit.. . My Boone is feeling much better now.. n kicking up his heels in the pasture.. running at full speed.. with head held high.. amazing site...back on right track.. thank u ..........."


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